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Crypto license in Estonia

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Crypto license in Estonia
We are

a market leader
in Estonia for providing cryptocurrency licences.

As evidence, we have assisted over 350 companies
to license successfully.

The CryptoLicense.ee project, has been offering services for obtaining cryptocurrency licences in Estonia since 2017.

We have become industry leaders in cryptocurrency and blockchain law since obtaining more than 350 crypto licences.

For many years, we have been providing only professional legal support with an almost guaranteed successful outcome. Our team of legal experts has years of experience in the field of finance and crypto licensing.

We are glad to share our experience and provide you with professional services for obtaining cryptocurrency licenses in Estonia.

We can help you quickly obtain a licence and integrate your business into the legal framework of Estonia and the European Union.

Crypto license in Estonia

  • We will provide you with professional legal assistance and full support in obtaining a licence to provide exchange, transfer, circulation, and storage services for cryptocurrencies, tokens and other virtual currencies.
  • In addition, we offer a quality accounting service, considering the specifics of activities and business processes related to the exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies.
  • Meanwhile, we will help you open bank accounts, establish payment system and obtain access to the corporate services of reputable and well-established crypto exchanges.
  • Our experts provide a wide range of services relating to the development and implementation of effective AML/KYC measures and principles into your company activities, as well as training your employees on this topic, if necessary.
  • Our team consists of qualified specialists with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of Estonian and European Union corporate and financial law.
  • Our employees are professionals in IT and IP law, and we are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.
  • Our business operates based on professional ethics, and we provide personalized service to each client.

All information received from our clients is completely confidential and strictly protected from being transferred or disclosed to third parties.

If you would like to get our expert advice or a comprehensive service on organizing and licensing crypto activities in the territory of Estonia and the EU, then feel free to contact us!

We will be glad to become your trusted partner in cryptocurrency and blockchain field so that you can start your crypto business as soon as possible.

What are the opportunities

offered by obtaining a cryptocurrency
in Estonia?

Estonia is one of the most suitable countries to start and manage crypto businesses. A company must obtain a corresponding licence to work with cryptocurrency in Estonia.

crypto license capabilities
  • briefcase The company will be protected from all kinds of inspections

    for suspicion for money laundering or terrorist financing, as Estonian AML legislation regulates such companies similar to financial institutions.

  • sales increase Open your cryptocurrency exchange, an intermediary platform between buyer and seller.

    Such an online platform will make it possible to legally exchange virtual money against fiat currencies and vice versa or trade in the financial market by selling or buying assets.

  • confidence The presence of a cryptocurrency licence
    increases the confidence of your customers.

    After obtaining a cryptocurrency license, your company will attract new clients and business partners for cooperation by increasing their confidence.

  • mobile payments Provide cryptocurrency or alternative payment system services

    Such payment systems allow you to accept cryptocurrency transfers in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other virtual currencies as payment for goods and services.

  • cloud storage Store your clients’
    digital funds

    With a cryptocurrency licence, the company obtains official permission to store its clients’ digital funds and use a crypto wallet to send and receive assets securely, either online or offline.

  • received crypto in Estonia Only the obtained licence is the key
    to the successful
    operation of the enterprise.

    Once the company has been vetted by state authorities and granted a licence, it gains legitimacy in its money transactions, active development, and an increased status and credibility with clients and partners.

step by step to cryptolicense
What is the procedure

for obtaining a crypto-licence?

Previously, Estonian legislation offered two types of licences.

Today Estonian legislation offers only one type of licence, which permits virtual currency exchange and trading services, granting its holders the unconditional right to open and manage a cryptocurrency business in Estonia.

since 2020

Provider of virtual currency service

combines two types of crypto-licence into one.

merged criptolicense

The way it used to be

  • Crypto Exchange License

    Cryptocurrency exchange, a company was allowed to exchange
    digital currencies against fiat currency
    and vice versa.

  • Crypto Wallet Exchange

    A cryptocurrency storage wallet, a company manages clients’ wallets for storing virtual currency.

Steps for obtaining a crypto-licence in Estonia

The support of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field is essential in fulfilling all the requirements and completing this process successfully.

  • Set up a company in Estonia in a way that is convenient for you.

    You can register a company either online using an e-resident card, by power of attorney or in person at a notary’s office. The whole process of company registration in Estonia takes just one day and requires minimal costs. Our company provides all enterprise formation services in Estonia, and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Open a corporate account in Estonia.

    Our specialists can also help you open a corporate account in any European payment system. Maintenance of your company account will require minimum annual spending.

  • Pay the authorized capital of 2,500 euros.

    After that, you will need to pay the authorized capital of the company for 2,500 euros. Please note that you can postpone this payment by opening a company without an authorized capital. In addition, the company must have a legal address in Estonia. In this case, you can seek help from our specialists, who will help you find and rent an office in Estonia.

  • Employ an Estonian AML officer

    The next step is to hire an Estonian AML officer with experience in anti-money laundering and terrorism financing compliance. The employment of an AML officer is a requirement when applying for a cryptocurrency licence because of the government’s fight against financial crime all over the world. The main task of AML officers is to check organizations for exposure to criminal risk and financial crime. In this case, our specialist team also provides recruitment, training, skill improvement, quality assurance and many other services that you can find on our website or get more detailed information by contacting us.

  • Apply for a crypto license in Estonia

    Application is submitted either electronically with an e-resident card or through a notary or power of attorney. In addition to the application for a crypto-licence, it will be necessary to pay a state fee of 3,300 euros to the Estonian Ministry of Finance. In this case, we can prepare all the required documents for you to apply for a crypto-licence. Such documents mainly include contact details of the company itself (postal address, web page address); details of the company’s entrepreneur (name, date, and place of birth, telephone number, e-mail, postal address); company’s founding documents; company’s business plan; certificates of good conduct for board members and shareholders.

    We can help you collect all the necessary information and apply for a cryptocurrency licence for your business in Estonia. With our help, you will get a permit to work with cryptocurrencies in just two months.

accounting services
Accounting services

for cryptocurrency companies in Estonia

Our experienced accountants will support you:

  • prepare all mandatory reports

    and other similar bodies required by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on time,

  • provide a full range of accounting services

    for your cryptocurrency company handling all cash flow information in accordance with Estonian and European legislation requirements,

  • advise you on taxes and accounting.

    We keep our accounting-related knowledge up-to-date by closely monitoring the changes in Estonian legislation.

According to the law, all registered businesses and cryptocurrency companies in Estonia must keep accounting records.

The main goal of such a requirement from the government is to obtain information on the company financial position, performance, and cash flows. In this case, the company must file all required tax returns and pay taxes on time.

The board of a company is responsible for keeping accounts; board members can keep accounting themselves, hire an accountant, or get support from a company providing accounting services.

accounting of cryptocurrency
cryptocurrency business
Advice and guidance
for entrepreneurs starting
a cryptocurrency business

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency business is becoming more and more popular in the world. Many companies are starting to set up cryptocurrency-focused businesses. However, before establishing a business of this kind, it is necessary to consider the advice and guidance of lawyers specializing in the industry.

  • What are the benefits for the cryptocurrency business in the Estonian jurisdiction?

    At first, the entrepreneurs who decide to start their activities in the cryptocurrency business should choose a country to start their company. Estonia is one of the most beneficial countries for running a crypto business, as it recognizes cryptocurrency activities and has legal regulations for crypto companies. Estonia also has a friendly environment for starting and running a business, as evidenced by the third-highest number of start-ups among European countries. Due to the developed digital infrastructure, any entrepreneur, whether a resident or non-resident of Estonia, can easily set up and run a company remotely via the internet using an e-resident card. The whole process of setting up a company in Estonia takes just one day and requires minimal costs for both the registration itself and the future maintenance of the company.

    Before launching a cryptocurrency company, it is crucial to know which countries allow cryptocurrency activities on a legislative level and grant the necessary licences and permits. As mentioned earlier, Estonia is one of the most suitable countries for setting up this type of business.

  • What does the procedure for obtaining a cryptocurrency licence represents?

    The second important point for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs is to obtain a cryptocurrency licence. This licence permits running cryptocurrency businesses. By operating without a crypto-licence, a company is more likely to violate the corresponding country laws. Such activities can lead to massive fines or even criminal liability. By obtaining a cryptocurrency licence, your company will be operating under regulation from government agencies. In addition, by obtaining a cryptocurrency licence, your company will increase its credibility and trust among customers and business partners and become more attractive than competitors.

    Having this licence, you can legally establish a cryptocurrency exchange, store customers’ virtual currencies or use a crypto wallet for transfers. That will make it possible to exchange, sell or buy cryptocurrencies. So, when starting a cryptocurrency-oriented business, you should obtain a licence that grants the right to operate, avoiding huge fines or even criminal liability.

  • Maintain accounting records following relevant regulations.

    The third recommendation for a cryptocurrency entrepreneur is to keep mandatory accounting records in fulfilment of related regulations. Organize accounting of clients and company funds using up-to-date crypto exchange rates. Such a requirement applies to all businesses, as public authorities should be aware of the company’s financial position, performance and cash flows. In this case, you can keep accounting records by yourself, with the support of an in-house accountant, or you can order the services of our company to maintain bookkeeping. It is important to remember that having an efficient accounting organization is one of the main requirements for the successful development of a company.

  • Establish the well-functioning project infrastructure

    The fourth piece of advice for running a cryptocurrency business is to create the infrastructure for the project to function. To achieve this, you need to open a payment system, bank or cryptocurrency exchange account. If you want to use the service, you can contact our company. Opening an account will enable you to make transactions using digital currencies. For example, opening an account on cryptocurrency exchange allows you to exchange virtual money against fiat currency on legal grounds.

  • Integrate effective AML/KYC measures into your company

    Another recommendation for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs is to integrate effective AML/KYC measures into your company. In this case, you will need to hire an AML officer to handle all processes combating financial crime, introducing effective AML/KYC measures into the company’s operations. You can choose the right candidate yourself or order our AML officer recruitment, training and skill development services. You can read more about such services on our website or get more detailed information by contacting us.

    In addition, you also need to integrate functional and secure IT solutions into your company. In this case, it is vital to choose the right IT strategy and integrate it into the activity to create a productive digital infrastructure. Such efficient usage of IT solutions will help your company optimize core business processes, manage and handle important information more efficiently. For more information on implementing IT solutions in your company, contact us for a consultation.

  • Develop Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy, AML policy

    A final important recommendation for entrepreneurs operating in the cryptocurrency market is to develop a legal component of their relationships with the customers, including Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy, AML policy, customer complaints procedure and many other relevant processes. A well-built system of relationships with customers ensures that a company has a higher level of customer loyalty and contributes to its active development.

Thus, when starting a cryptocurrency business, an entrepreneur should follow some recommendations to develop his business in the future. Choosing the proper country to start a crypto business and get the required crypto-license is the most important recommendation. In addition, it is vital to keep your company’s accounting records, create an infrastructure for the project to function, integrate effective AML/KYC measures and secure IT solutions. You need to develop the legal component of relations with customers of your company. If you are an entrepreneur operating in the field of crypto business, you can contact us for assistance, and we will be glad to become your cryptocurrency business partner.

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